Are Those White Lines In The Sky Just Your Imagination?

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon


Original Post: The EXAMINER

Once again we see the topic of chemtrails belittled and dismissed in the news. In an article published Feb. 2 2015 the idea of weather manipulation is given the typical tinfoil hat treatment with the one hand as the other hand derisively labels those who research chemtrails.

The irony here is palpable as even a quick weather modification search will reveal that China openly operates a weather modification bureau and planned to use it during the 2008 Olympics.

It was also reported in 2009 that China’s weather modification endeavors were responsible for a ‘crippling snow storm’. Chemtrail and weather manipulation researchers are questioning the recent snowstorm called Juno and in light of the Chinese debacle such concerns seem plausible.

If China is manipulating weather does it seem likely that they are the only country that is?

It should also be noted…

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